What is The Regeneration Project?

“… another generation grew up who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done.”

- Judges 2:10

The ReGeneration Project exists to guide new generations into the mission of God.

  • By “new generations” we mean those in the later high school, post-high school college years and those in their twenties age-range.
  • By “mission of God” we mean how God draws people to Jesus and into loving and holy church communities who participate in God’s mission by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The ReGeneration Project is a collective group of pastors, theologians, artists, church leaders and all those who are passionate about seeing new generations follow Jesus and serve Him on mission in their world.

It began with conversations amongst Dan Kimball, Scot McKnight, Erwin McManus, Amena Brown, Rick McKinley, Margaret Feinberg, Dave Gibbons and others who want to proactively raise the urgency of paying attention to this critical age group.

We believe exploring what God is doing in churches across the country and sharing ideas will accelerate the mission to see this generation understand the good news of Jesus and follow him. We absolutely believe in the biblical model of multi-generational churches, yet we also believe there are unique factors that impact the generations growing up in today's culture what we must pay attention to.

George Fox University and Western Seminary are supporting this mission by sponsoring The ReGeneration Forum event in Portland on February 27-28, 2015 at Imago Dei.

Instead of focusing on the negative trends, we will focus on what positive things God is doing amongst new generations

There has been a lot of discussion on why new generations are leaving the church. We will take the opposite approach. The ReGeneration Project will focus on the encouraging news that many churches are experiencing growth among new generations, many millennials are staying in churches or returning to churches, and many who weren’t Christians are becoming followers of Jesus. 

We will share practical ideas and learn from each other as we look at what churches are doing that are seeing the negative trends reversed. We want to provide camaraderie and hope for those serving with this age group.

We will have a focus on theology and apologetics, the arts and why one’s vocation is a holy and sacred thing.

We will look a lot at the theological issues of the day, because theology and doctrine – and how churches teach doctrine, apologetics and create communities of learning – is so important. Perhaps like no other time in American history do we need to ensure that younger generations do have encouragement and training to sort through the confusing theological issues and remain grounded in the doctrines of the historical orthodox Christian faith. 

We also will have practical discussion of why much of the disillusionment of this generation with church was because they weren’t taught that their vocation – regardless of what it is – is a sacred mission. We also will explore why creativity and the arts are so important.

In the future we will provide the following for both church leaders and those in this age group:

  • The most informative and practical website possible for those serving with college-age and those in their 20’s
  • Specific research, insight, interviews and articles written regarding what churches that have new generations as a part of them are doing and learning
  • A focus on practical apologetics and theological questions new generations are asking
  • Encouragement and training through events and resources
  • Connecting those in regional areas who serve with this age group for ongoing relationships and encouragement
  • Profiles and interviews with those in their teens, college and twenties age group whom are serving on the mission of God with their lives and vocations to be inspired by and learn from

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